What Is Xela Technology?

Similarly, What does XELA technology do?

Exela Technologies, Inc. is a global provider of transaction processing, enterprise information management, document management, and digital business process services.

Also, it is asked, Is XELA a good stock to buy?

XELA’s financial health and development prospects show that it has the ability to perform in accordance with the market. It has a current Growth Score of C. With a Momentum Score of B, recent price fluctuations and earnings estimate revisions suggest that this is a solid stock for momentum investors.

Secondly, Who owns Exela technologies?

HGM, a family office founded in 2001, is led by Par Chadha, who serves as its founder, CEO, and Chief Investment Officer. Mr. Chadha has more than 40 years of expertise in company development in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, including mergers and acquisitions, corporate integration, and public offerings.

Also, What type of business is Exela technologies?

automation of business processes

People also ask, Is XELA a SPAC?

The firm focuses on integrating technologies to eliminate inefficiencies and provide consumers with tailored data. It was created in 2017 and went public the following year via a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) merger. The market capitalization of XELA is $292.178 million dollars.

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What sector is XELA in?


Is XELA expected to rise?

Exela Technologies, Inc. is a company that develops and sells (NASDAQ:XELA) Exela Technologies Inc has a consensus price target of 1.18 among the two analysts that provide 12-month price estimates, with a high estimate of 2.00 and a low estimate of 0.35. The median forecast is up +454.25 percent from the previous price of 0.21.

What is the future of XELA?

The current Earnings Per Share (EPS) for EXELA TECHNOLOGIES (NASDAQ: XELA) is -$0.99. XELA’s EPS is expected to be -$0.26 on average in 2022, with the lowest EPS estimate at -$0.26 and the highest EPS predicted at -$0.26. XELA’s EPS is expected to be -$0.10 in 2023 (min: -$0.10, max: -$0.10).

Is XELA being shorted?

Availability of Short Shares The number of shares of US:XELA that may be shorted at a top prime brokerage is shown in this table.

Is Exela technologies a BPO?

Exela Technologies was named a top competitor in the Everest Group’s “Know Your Customer-Anti Money Laundering (KYC-AML) BPO – State of the Market with PEAK Matrix Assessment 2018″ published in June 2018.

How many shares of Xela are there?

There are 441.97 million shares outstanding.

Is Exela technologies a good company to work for?

Based on over 754 anonymous employee ratings, Exela Technologies has a 2.9 out of 5 star rating. Exela Technologies is a company that 48 percent of workers would recommend to a friend, and 40 percent of employees have a favorable perspective on the company.

How many customers does Exela have?

4,000 clients

When did XELA go public?

On January 15th, 2015, it was made public. Quinpario was renamed Exela Technologies, Inc., after purchasing SourceHOV Holdings Inc. and Novitex Holdings Inc. in a business combination deal. What exchange does Exela trade on, and what is the ticker symbol for the company?

Why did XELA Stock Drop 2017?

What is the current XELA stock price? Exela Technologies’ stock has dropped 46% in the previous week, owing to weaker market sentiments that have forced investors to shift away from riskier assets and into more defensive assets such as consumer staples, healthcare, and utilities companies.

Will XELA get delisted?

Exela Technologies’ warrants and units will be delisted from the Nasdaq Stock Market; the company’s common stock will remain listed.

Is XELA a penny stock?

XELA is one of the penny stocks with a lot of promise, according to Cantor Fitzgerald analysts. The company is presently rated as a Buy. It’s accompanied with a price objective that’s roughly 350% higher than current trading levels of $4.

Will XELA reverse split?

(GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — IRVING, Texas (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Exela Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: XELA) said today that it would not hold a vote to seek permission to implement a reverse stock split. That date has been canceled for the Special Meeting of Stockholders.

What will happen to XELA stock?

The “XELAstock price estimate for 2027-05-21 is 1.305 USD, based on our forecasts of a long-term rise. The revenue is estimated to be roughly +498.79 percent after a 5-year investment. In 2027, your present $100 investment may be worth $598.79.

Is XELA undervalued?

Intrinsic Worth Exela Technologies Inc is undervalued by 86 percent when compared to the current market price of 0.19 USD.

How much debt does XELA have?

1.28 billion

Is powerbridge technologies a good buy?

Powerbridge Technologies Co., Ltd. is a company that specializes in developing (NASDAQ:PBTS) Powerbridge Technologies Co Ltd has a consensus price target of 7.00 among the 1 analysts that provide 12-month price predictions, with a high estimate of 7.00 and a low estimate of 7.00. The median forecast implies an increase of 1,641.73 percent over the previous price of 0.40.

Will camber energy stock go up?

According to Wallet Investor’s algorithm-based CEI price projection as of 22 March, Camber Energy’s stock price might grow to $1.14 per share by 4 April 2022.

Is Xela a heavily shorted stock?

XELA is the ticker symbol for the company XELA. “XELA has a 66 percent short borrow charge rate and a 28 percent short interest percent of float, both of which are quite high. These figures, together with a very strong one-month volume momentum of 1900%, have pushed XELA to the top of the market “s week,” stated Wilton Risenhoover, the creator of Fintel.

What is Xela short interest?

Days to Cover / Short Interest Ratio 1.0. Last updated on May 15, 2022. The number of outstanding shares is 484,560,000. Shorted Stocks as a Percentage of Total Stocks 6.81 percent

Who bought Novitex?

Novitex and SourceHOV, both situated in Irving, Texas, are being combined in a $2.8 billion deal led by Quinpario, a special purpose acquisition firm based in St. Louis. Exela Technologies will be the merged publicly listed business after the merger, which is slated to finalize in the second quarter.

What is the float of Xela?

What did you like most about working with Exela?

Workplace culture and atmosphere are excellent.

When did Xela reverse split?

On April 11, Exela Technologies (NASDAQ:XELA) made news when it chose to postpone voting on a reverse stock split.

Why is CEI halted?

Camber Energy (CEI -52.1 percent) trading has been paused while news is awaited. After being sunk by a fresh short report from Kerrisdale Capital, the stock had already been stopped nine times for volatility.

Is CEI stock a good investment?

For Value, Stability, and Quality, CEI receives an F. The stock’s trailing-12-month Price/Sales multiple of 20.85 is much higher than the industry average of 1.74 and corresponds to its Value grade. CEI’s negative 2.52 beta also supports its Stability rating.

What is the forecast for CEI stock?

Camber Energy Inc. is a company based in Camber (NYSE American:CEI) Camber Energy Inc has a consensus price target of 781,250.00 among the 1 analysts that provide 12-month price predictions, with a high estimate of 781,250.00 and a low estimate of 781,250.00. The consensus estimate is up +140,008,860.57 percent from the previous price of 0.56.


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