What Was/were Vannevar Bushs Main Contribution(S) to the Development of Computer Technology?

Although Duchamp used the word readymade to describe his own work, it has subsequently come to refer to any artworks constructed from manufactured things. Readymades include works by YBA artists Damien Hirst, Michael Landy, and Tracey Emin (such as Emin’s My Bed 1998), for example.

Similarly, Who invented readymade?


Also, it is asked, Which noted computer artist created the passions A series of computer manipulated video images based on religions paintings for the Getty Museum?

For the Getty Museum, whose well-known computer artist developed “The Passions,” a sequence of computer-manipulated video visuals based on religious paintings? Viola, Bill

Secondly, Who was Albrecht Durer quizlet?

He was an accomplished painter and printer who specialized in engravings and woodcuts. He studied in Italy on two occasions. Much of what he learnt was put into his own artwork. He was the first Northern artist to grasp the renaissance in Italy.

Also, Which artist’s focused on impressionist images of the wealthy and privileged group of answer choices?

Mary Cassatt, who specialized in Impressionist depictions of the affluent and powerful. All of the above is an example of an artwork that incorporates Edward Said’s Orientalism ideology.

People also ask, Why are ready-made arts?

The ordinary was elevated. When an ordinary item is removed from its normal environment and raised to the rank of art, readymades are produced. The artist, in effect, focuses the viewer’s attention to the remarkable in the everyday.

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Why is readymade important contribution to the history of modern art?

What Is the Importance of Readymade? A big part of the relevance of readymade art is that it served as a forerunner to conceptual art, which was more cerebral than aesthetic in appeal and helped to define fine art as being more about meaning than talent.

Which nineteenth century figure invented a loom that was controlled by punch cards and has been called a specialized graphics computer?

J. M. Jacquard developed a loom for weaving textiles with intricate patterns. The loom was a “specialized graphics computer” that was operated by punched paper cards.

Which giant of painting is heavily influenced by the Impressionists?

Which art great has been inspired by the Impressionists? Despite the apparent contrasts, Van Gogh’s influence can be seen in all of their works. With such outstanding painters paving the way for modern impressionism, this art genre has a promising future.

For what was Albrecht Durer best known quizlet?

This collection of terms includes (5) What is his most well-known achievement? His prints are more well-known than his paintings (woodcuts and engravings) What are some instances of his usage of prints? What examples of his engravings do you have? What topics drew his attention? What made him famous?

What process is Albrecht Durer commonly associated with?

Style & Technique of Albrecht Durer He was broad in his talent, from his topics to the actual materials he employed, however he concentrated on three primary areas: painting, printing, and theoretical works.

What do the artist’s modern art forms and colors represent in the image above?

Because we have all previously lived in the spirit realm, some individuals have spirits as companions. In the picture above, the painters’ contemporary art shapes and colors might be understood as a sign. These masks were used to connect the human and divine realms.

How did the fact that Italy was an outlet for trade routes impact the Renaissance quizlet?

What influence did the fact that Italy was a commerce hub have on the Renaissance? Families might spend more money on art and finer items as a result of increased commerce.

How is art for persuasion different from art for commentary?

Commentary satisfies assessments on circumstances or politics. Persuasion is the process of changing someone’s mind or behavior. They cause us to reflect further on a topic to which we may not have previously given much thought.

Who painted Mona Lisa with a mustache?

Duchamp, Marcel Sélavy, Rrose

What is a photomontage quizlet?

Photomontage. Photomontage is the method and effect of combining two or more pictures into a new image by cutting, gluing, rearranging, and overlaying them.

What is readymade and what movement was it a part of?

The word was created by the French artist Marcel Duchamp to describe a ready-made, commonplace item that was picked and recognized as art. As a protest against the overvaluation of works of art, Duchamp constructed the first ready-made, Bicycle Wheel (1913), which consisted of a wheel set on a stool.

What does ready-made mean?

ready-made definition (Entry 1 of 2) 1: ready-made outfits prepared ahead of time for widespread sale. 2: lacking in uniqueness or originality. 3: easily accessible Her sickness gave a convenient justification.

What is the most famous Dada readymade?

A postcard replicating one of the world’s most renowned and respected works of art, Leonardo’s Mona Lisa, decorated with a mustache and goatee, is another example of Duchamp’s purposely anti-art readymades.

What significant controversy about the Battle of Solferino was decided in the courtroom?

What important dispute regarding “The Battle of Solferino” was settled in court? The legal struggle over the horseback image of Napoleon III. The artwork “Police Verso (Thumbs Down)” by Jean Leon Gerome served as the basis for Ridley Scott’s film “Gladiator.”

What is Jacquard loom in computer?

The Jacquard loom is a weaving machine that was invented in the early 1800s and controlled by a set of punch cards. It is named after its creator, Joseph Marie Jacquard, and is regarded a milestone in the evolution of contemporary computer processes.

What do Edward Hopper’s paintings mean?

His compositions often involve simply one person. Isolation and loneliness are prominent themes in Hopper’s work. These works were effective in depicting the emotions of Americans throughout both World Wars and the Great Depression when they were created.

What influenced van Gogh’s art?

Van Gogh was inspired by a variety of sources, including Dutch genre painting and the realism paintings of Millet and his contemporaries, but Japanese woodblock prints were especially influential.

What did Albrecht develop?

During the years 1513 and 1514, Dürer produced his most famous copperplate engravings: the Knight, Death and Devil, St. Jerome in His Study, and Melencolia I, all measuring around 24.5 by 19.1 cm (9.5 by 7.5 inches).

Which of the following cities is known for its master metalsmiths quizlet?

Master metalsmiths may be found in which of the following cities? Nuremberg. You just finished studying 14 terms!

How was Durer’s depiction different from most representations of this event quizlet?

How does Durer’s portrayal vary from other depictions of the event? The horsemen were usually lined up in a row, but Durer produced a dense overlapping terrain of wild riders.

Which type of printing Did Albrecht Durer use in his most famous works?

printing using woodblocks

Which types of printing Did Albrecht Durer use in his most famous works quizlet?

Relief Prints by Albrecht Dürer (Woodcuts). Block with ink. Pale, bottom, and inked sticking to paper Intolgio print (top) Paper was inexpensive! Making paper was simple. 1430. Printing press bed (bottom), stone, paper, and blanket in planographic print.

Who was Albrecht Durer quizlet?

He was an accomplished painter and printer who specialized in engravings and woodcuts. He studied in Italy on two occasions. Much of what he learnt was put into his own artwork. He was the first Northern artist to grasp the renaissance in Italy.

How did Jan van Eyck contribute to the renaissance?

Jan van Eyck was a pivotal figure in the northern Renaissance, as well as the Renaissance as a whole. He is credited with developing the oil-glazing process, which eventually supplanted the egg-tempera method.

How did Durer promote Italian ideas in Northern Europe?

Dürer established a unique link between the arts north and south of the Alps, absorbing Italian influences while also influencing Italian art. For years, his prints have influenced Italian painters.


Vannevar Bush was a pioneer in the development of computer technology. His contributions to the field include the invention of the differential analyzer, which is an analog computer that can solve equations and make predictions.

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Vannevar Bush was a scientist and engineer who made many contributions to the development of computer technology. He is best known for his work in developing the differential analyzer, which was one of the first electronic computers. Reference: images have a meaning that:.

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