Which Best Defines Technology?


Technology is most roughly described as the tangible and immaterial things formed by the application of mental and physical effort to accomplish some benefit. Technology refers to tools and machinery that may be employed to address real-world issues in this context.

Similarly, Which best defines technology quizlet?

Which of the following best describes technology? applications or scientific breakthroughs that boost outcomes

Also, it is asked, Which improvement did the shipping container bring?

Containerization and intermodalism transformed the shipping sector. Containers might be stacked more effectively, enabling more items to be carried across the oceans. Labor expenses decreased considerably, and thievery decreased when containers were sealed.

Secondly, Which technological improvement did the assembly line bring?

Starting in the early 1900s, the assembly line was a major development of the Industrial Revolution that massively increased the automotive industry, with its effect being seen today. The assembly line paved the way for greater technology, improved efficiency throughout time, and had a good impact on society.

Also, How can technology improve productivity quizlet?

This set’s terms (11) What is one way that technology may help you be more productive? Workers are replaced by machines, which lowers manufacturing costs.

People also ask, What is the best definition of technology Brainly?

User with a sharp mind. Answer: Technology may be roughly described as the entities generated by the application of mental and physical effort in order to accomplish some benefit, both tangible and immaterial. Technology refers to tools and machinery that may be employed to address real-world issues in this context.

Related Questions and Answers

Which best describes the relationship between science and technology?

Which of the following statements most accurately describes the link between science and technology? Technology developments lead to breakthroughs in science, which lead to further advancements in technology.

Which is the biggest and most direct effect on the Internet?

What is the Internet’s most significant and direct effect? It has made a significant difference in terms of communication. Which of the Internet’s direct benefits to customers is the most significant? It’s a lot simpler to compare pricing this way.

Which is a benefit brought by the Internet?

Collaboration, working from home, and having access to a global workforce are all advantages. The Internet is an ideal platform for collaborating with individuals from all around the globe. Several internet platforms may enable you collaborate with individuals all over the globe, and with near-instant communication, it can even speed up the development of new goods and services.

What is the best definition of economic data?

Economic data is information that is used to calculate, analyze, or plan.

What is the best definition of automation?

1: the process of automating the operation of an equipment, a process, or a system. 2: the condition of being automatically operated. 3: the use of mechanical or electrical equipment to regulate the functioning of an apparatus, process, or system in the absence of human labor.

Who invented the assembly line?

Olds, Ransom E. InventorRansom / Assembly line The Oldsmobile and REO brands are named after Eli Olds, a pioneer of the American automobile industry. In 1887, he claimed to have created his first steam automobile, and in 1896, he claimed to have produced his first gasoline-powered car. Wikipedia

Which is a benefit brought to consumers by online sales?

It offers a helpful and simple platform for customers to purchase a larger range of items and services from more sellers at supposedly lower rates. Consumers may locate and compare many various offers for the same goods using search engines and price comparison sites, which drastically minimize search expenses.

How does technology increase productivity?

Using sophisticated computers to do repetitive and tedious jobs boosts productivity. It also lowers the likelihood of human mistake. Furthermore, delegating the heavy lifting to technology enables you and your team to concentrate on essential business responsibilities and revenue-generating activities.

Which of the following best explains why improvements in communication technology allow people to make better economic decisions?

Which of the following best explains why advances in communication technology enable individuals to make better economic decisions? Consumers benefit from faster communication because they avoid information overload, which makes decision-making more difficult.

How has technology affected the way we use money today quizlet?

What impact has technology had on how we utilize money today? The amount of money we spend has been influenced by technological advancements. We spend more today because we don’t have to go to the shop every time we want something since we can spend it online. What function does saving play in the financial system?

What is the basic definition of technology?

Methods, processes, and equipment that are the outcome of scientific knowledge being applied to practical ends are referred to as technology. Technology is rapidly evolving.

What is technology short note?

The skills, techniques, and procedures utilized to attain objectives are referred to as technology. Technology may be used to: Produce products or services. Realize objectives such as scientific research or launching a spacecraft to the moon. Solve issues like sickness or starvation.

Which best defines educational technology Brainly?

Educational technology refers to the use of all available resources in a system to improve the teaching-learning process or educational technology.

Which statement best describes the relationship between the impact of technology and the necessity of a college education multiple choice question?

Which of the following statements best represents the link between technology’s effect and the importance of a college education? College will become more necessary as occupations grow more difficult and technologically advanced.

What is the importance of science technology and society?

Creation and Application of Knowledge The core of how science and technology contribute to society is the discovery of new knowledge and then the use of that knowledge to improve human well-being and address societal concerns.

Which of the following changes is most likely to occur when Improve technology is introduced into an economic sector?

When better technology is brought into an economic sector, which of the following developments is most likely to occur? As technology advances, fewer workers will be required in that industry. How may a country’s GDP be increased?

Which do producers pay attention to in order?

Producers are included in this collection of ten terms. Which factors do producers consider when determining what customers want to purchase and how much they’re prepared to pay? purchases made by customers In economics, who supplies the products and services that customers have access to?

Which question must be answered in order to turn resources into products?

Which of the following questions must be addressed in order to convert resources into products? What is the best way to arrange production? Which best explains why, no matter how much is created, people continually demand more resources? There is a shortage that will not go away.

What is the importance of technology in our daily life?

Technology has an impact on how people interact, learn, and think. It contributes to society and influences how individuals interact on a daily basis. In today’s world, technology plays a critical role. It has both beneficial and bad repercussions on the planet, as well as a direct influence on people’s lives.

What is the best definition of automation technology and economics?

What is the best way to define automation? In a production process, the employment of robotic equipment. the use of scientific knowledge to solve problems and discover solutions the effective use of resources in the production of commodities the employment of employees from all over the globe in the production of commodities

What is the best definition of economic data Brainly?

Answer that has been validated by an expert Economic data/economic statistics are facts that describe the current state of the economy (past and present). Typically seen in a time-series format that spans many time periods. Individual, corporate, and industry surveys may be used to collect data for a single economy or for an international economy.

Which of the following best defines unemployment?

the state of being actively seeking for work but not presently employed.

Are tools technology?

“All tools, machinery, utensils, weapons, instruments, housing, clothes, communication and transportation gadgets, and the abilities through which humans manufacture and utilize them,” declared American sociologist Read Bain in 1937. Bain’s term is still widely used among academics today, particularly among social scientists.

What is the best definition of ownership?

What is the best way to define ownership? The right to hold land or things is known as ownership.

What is the best way to describe automation in Brainly?

Automation is the development and deployment of technologies that allow products and services to be supplied and delivered with minimum human involvement.


The “which states the most direct benefit of greater productivity?” is a question that asks which best defines technology. The answer to this question is that technology has many benefits, but one of the most important ones is greater productivity.

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