Which Generic Term Describes the Technology That Replaced the Traditional Chalkboard in Classrooms?


The technology that has replaced the conventional chalkboard in schools is known as an interactive white board. The other options (smart chalk board, sophisticated chalk management, and the board) are either incomplete or wrong.

Similarly, Which is an example of Apomediation?

Which of the following is an example of apomediation? Patients are directed to high-quality information on the internet by healthcare practitioners. In the future, social media in healthcare will most likely be: extensively utilized, but with pockets of non-users, such as people without Internet access or who choose to remain anonymous.

Also, it is asked, Which simulator model is most appropriate for learning how do you obtain an arterial blood gas?

A psychomotor skill is when you ask a pupil to get an arterial blood gas. An arm model may be used to learn this ability. The arm model is the most realistic model that can be utilized without putting the patient in risk, such as when using a standardized patient.

Secondly, What are the Tiger competencies?

TIGER identified essential informatics abilities of health care workers within the five areas based on the findings of this survey: 1) Nursing administration 2) Nursing information technology management (e.g., nurse informatics officer) 3) Quality Management 4) Care coordination between professionals 5) Clinical nursing is a kind of nursing that focuses on patients.

Also, Which specialized method is used in knowledge discovery and data mining?

In knowledge discovery and data mining, which specific method(s) is (are) used? Knowledge discovery and data mining (KDDM) is a semi-automated process that uses specific analytic approaches, most notably machine learning, to uncover patterns.

People also ask, Which is an example of Apomediation quizlet?

On which social networking platforms is it permissible to disclose personal health information? Which of the following is an example of apomediation? B. Patients are directed to high-quality information on the internet by healthcare practitioners.

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Which is true of both hitech and Macra?

Isn’t it the case with both HITECH and MACRA? HITECH rewards both doctors and hospitals, but MACRA rewards just physicians.

What study demonstrated that up to 50% simulation can be effectively substituted for traditional clinical experience?

The National Council of State Boards of Nursing National Simulation Study (Hayden, Smiley, Alexander, Kardong-Edgren, & Jeffries, 2014) revealed that high-quality simulation could be effectively substituted with supervised clinical practice.

What is patient simulator?

Human Patient Simulators are life-size adult and newborn patient simulators that mimic human physiology such as breathing, heart rate, and pulse. They’re mechanical and computer-controlled simulators that look like people and show symptoms and disease processes much as they would in a real patient.

How can learning from the classroom be applied to the clinical setting through simulation?

Students may now acquire skills, improve clinical reasoning abilities, and become proficient in caring for patients/families in a safe setting by using simulation. Traditional, and sometimes difficult to come by, clinical experiences may be replaced by a number of simulation-based learning opportunities.

What is quality and safety education for nurses?

Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) tackles the problem of equipping nurses with the skills they need to constantly enhance the quality and safety of the health-care systems in which they operate.

Why is the use of standardized nursing terminology important when treating a patient as part of a multidisciplinary nursing team?

When treating a patient as part of a multidisciplinary nursing team, why is it vital to adopt standardized nursing terminology? To make communication easier, all nurses might use the same terminology.

What is information literacy competency standards for nursing?

The information literate nurse analyses the obtained information and its sources critically, deciding whether or not to change the original query and/or seek more sources, as well as whether or not to establish a new research procedure.

What is knowledge discovery in databases data mining?

The act of automatically discovering previously undiscovered patterns, rules, and other regular items implicitly present in vast amounts of data is known as Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD). Data mining (DM) is the process of finding patterns in a data collection that has been prepared in a specified manner.

Why is data mining ESP KDD model useful in data science and or in business?

KDD aids in determining the predictability of consumer patterns, determining where the product emphasis should be, and anticipating what additional sorts of items people will demand.

Which is the process of identifying valid novel potential useful and ultimately comprehensive information from database that is used to make crucial business decisions?

Data mining is defined as the act of uncovering genuine, innovative, potentially helpful, and ultimately understood patterns or models in data in order to make critical business choices.

Which form of technology has recently been designated as useful at the point of care?

Which kind of technology has recently been deemed appropriate for use at the point of care? The electronic health record (EHR) serves as a database for research and evidence-based practice.

Which of the following best describes the office of the national coordinator for health information technology?

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) is the primary government agency in charge of coordinating national efforts to adopt and utilize advanced health information technology and electronic health information exchange.

What defines the Google generation?

The “Google generation” is a term used to describe a generation of young people born after 1993 who grew up in an internet-dominated society.

What did MACRA replace?

MACRA consolidated Medicare’s quality reporting programs, meaningful use of electronic health records, and the value-based payment modifier into a single Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS).

What does MACRA stand for?

The 2015 Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act

What do you call our full-body interactive mannequins of various ages and gender that respond physiologically to interventions?

Full-body, interactive mannequins of different ages and genders that react physiologically to treatments are known as high-fidelity patient simulators. Each student gets the option to participate in a number of scenarios that genuinely position them in circumstances they would confront in the real world.

What is simulation software education?

Simulation software is a digital representation of a real or imagined system that is used to educate students how to operate it. Students must pick tasks and sequence in which to finish them while using a simulation.

What is simulation teaching method?

Simulated teaching is a method of learning and training that helps people improve their problem-solving skills. It’s been characterized as “strong role playing,” in which the learner takes on the part in an artificially manufactured setting.

Which art of nursing attribute is defined as being there for and in tune with the patient?

Being present for and in sync with the client is characterized as what aspect of the art of nursing? The nursing art of attending involves being present for and aware of the client. Advocacy entails advocating for the client’s interests and rights. Empathic understanding is an important part of caring.

Who has the authority to decide if a postmortem will be conducted if a client dies 2 hours after being admitted to the hospital?

When a patient passes away within the first 24 hours after being admitted to the hospital. If a patient dies within 24 hours after being admitted to the hospital, the medical examiner must evaluate whether or not a postmortem investigation is necessary.

Which action of the nurse relates to the quality and safety education for nurses QSEN competency of quality improvement?

Which of the nurse’s actions is related to the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) quality improvement competency? Data is used by the nurse to keep track of the patient’s progress.

Which standard nursing language is commonly used when making an evaluation of a nursing care plan?

The Omaha System is a standardized language for home, public health, and school health (The Omaha System, 2004). The Nursing Intervention Classification (NIC) was initially published in 1992, and it is now in its fourth iteration (McCloskey-Dochterman & Bulachek, 2004).

Which standardized nursing terminology is composed of nursing diagnoses nursing actions and nursing outcomes?

The CCC System is a standardized, coded nursing language that distinguishes the different parts of nursing practice.

Why is information literacy an essential skill for RNS in their daily practice?

Nurses employ their information literacy skills in conjunction with evidence-based practice, or EBP, to assist patients in making informed treatment choices based on the most up-to-date research as well as their own values and preferences.


The “which organization created the first set of published standards to guide simulation experiences?” is a question that can be answered by looking into the history of technology. The first set of published standards was created in 1969 and are called “The Standards for Simulation”.

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